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Long Run on 9/11 Anniversary

I have rewritten this several times.  I find it hard to write about the tragedy of September 11, 2001.  It was so horrific and tragic – the devastation of life, their loved ones left behind is of a magnitude like no other in my lifetime.  The families that suffered following that day have paid a heavy price not to mention the suffering and death of their loved ones themselves.  In honor of the families, those that died lets spend today remembering them and offer up our intentions in prayer. 


My Long Run – 9 Miles

This morning about 8:25 I headed out to get my “long run” in for the week.  Did pretty good till about mile 6.  Pain in the left outer thigh and my toe on left foot was killing me – they are bruised from past runs.  Mile 7 and 8 became more about finishing.  Mile 9 the pain was a little better but was glad it was done when I got back home.  I walked around, did stretches grabbed a tuna cake and sat down with ice on toesAlso, Ragweed is really bad right now…afterwards, my lungs bothered me when I tried to get deep breath.  Made me cough.  Because of the pain in my thigh and toes, my time wasn’t that great.  In fact I now have to go to a later Mass because I didn’t get back in time for the one we  usually attend.  Well, it’s done though.  I am going to have to really push it this week and probably go back to the other tennis shoes too.  I also think I need to do some weight training for my legs on off days.  Will add.    I have lots to do today so hopefully will be able to get on with things soon.

Have a great day!


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