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Goals and Dr. Wayne Dyer

I’m big on goals.  They make us reach higher – push farther.  Anytime I can visualize success, I acheive it.  Dr. Wayne Dyer is part of a speakers series that is appearing in New York Sept 17 that’s entitled, “You can do it.”  How I would love to be a part of that.  However, the fee is steep – $500 for two of the workshops and then there is the hotel, flight, meals and other such expenses – another $2,000 easy.  Dr. Wayne Dyer is one of the best motivational speakers of our time.  I have some of his books and have put some of his principles into practice.  He specifically is going to be speaking about manifestations or how you can bring good things to yourself by visualizing such.  I beleve totally in what he teaches.  Look his stuff up and see for yourself.  This though is not absent of God and his plan for you.  However, I think Dr. Dyer makes it easier to see his plan through positive attidtude and visualization.  He has a book, The Power of Intention.  Buy it – it’s good.  It will also help you focus energies into what matters too.  Get the book and read it while you run and get into your best physical condition.  Life will seem better than before.

Have a great night and make it count!

2 comments on “Goals and Dr. Wayne Dyer

  1. altonwoods says:

    Hello! I was drawn in by Dr. Dyer’s name in your title. Many years ago I too was an avid reader of many of his books, I still have a great deal of respect for him but what sort of turned me off was his (and many others like him) focus on the “worship of the self”. (The Sacred Self etc…) At times I feel as though he truly understands Christianity on a very deep level even though he never seems to openly acknowledge it like when he talks about the ego…to me it really sounds like he’s talking about what I consider to be Satan.(that probably doesn’t make any sense to you), I really loved the book “Sacred Self” when I read it, and many of his others as well,and I think they can be helpful to people on a certain level.but I just feel as though a central truth about man and who he really is has been omitted from his work which for me makes his conclusions flawed.

    I acknowledge Gods love and blessing for all of us! Jeff

    1. Anne says:

      Thanks for your comments. I agree that God must always be central in all we do. I liked the guided meditation Dyer did “Getting in the Gap.” He used The Lords Prayer as part of the focus. I like the motivation that comes from his writings. For me, I feel it’s up to us to add such things to our “life tool” box just as we would other knowledge, skills and abilities. But that my relationship with God is something so central it is the foundation of my heart, mind, spirit and total being. It rests at a higher level and is so interwoven in me that you can’t see the beginning nor the end of where it starts or finishes. Dr. Dyers information and motivational teachings are just tools that I acquire along the way and put in my box. Have a great day – Anne

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