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See What It’s Like to Cross the Finish Line and A Visit from the ’70’s

Well my treadmill is purring like a kitten now.  No more of that bullish attitude and making all that noise with puffs of smoke coming from it like if it was trying to intimidate me.  It’s fixed with the right Allan wrench and silicone spray.  I felt pretty good today after the 7 miles yesterday.  I also got my stitches out too.  So no more having to baby that arm either.   I am going to do some other exercise tonight – on the bike  – some cross training.

I had chicken for lunch today and spinach lasagna for dinner – it was great too.  I make some home-made granola that I eat for my mid morning and afternoon snack.  Then I add to it some almonds for protein.  It’s really good too.  Sounds kind of like a ’70’s thing to be eating seeds and nuts.  Hey here’s something from back then that was a favorite of mine.  Maybe yours too.  I loved that movie.  Believe it or not, we sang that song at a lot of all school Masses during that time.  My step-daughter Carrie has never seen the movie.  We are going to watch it next time she’s here.

Well tomorrow is 5 miles…not running all of it maybe half.  but if you want to see what the end of the KC Half Marathon (Waddell and Reed) is like watch this…pretty cool.  This girl taped the whole race – she has 6 different tapes on Youtube.  Then finally – if you want to donate to the cause I’m running for (pregnant women in need)  there’s still time.  Click on the button below.  I’m up to $225 – hope to get to $1000.Thanks for spending time at my blog and have a great night.

One comment on “See What It’s Like to Cross the Finish Line and A Visit from the ’70’s

  1. Mary Jo Hitz says:

    I enjoy your posts!

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