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Hallelujah! I Ran 6 10 Minute Miles – I Feel Good!

After Sunday’s debacle with the wind and cold not to mention poor effort.  I felt so defeated.  Then to add to it, the Farmers Almanac is calling for temp of mid 40’s and drizzle for the half marathon on April 3rd.  Another day like last years brutal race.  I decided last night if that is the case, then I definitely have to just buck up and train in the cold…it’s not going to be a sunny, springlike day – so what!  I’m fortunate to be going so just take it and dig in.  I woke up at 4 am had coffee, protein bar and vitamin’s.  Then suited up.  I tossed the camelpack and only put my tights on – no extra layer of pants.  Two pairs of socks, Under Armor top with fleece top over that and then wind breaker jacket.  Also, running gloves, beanie with  ball cap and headband.  Then I added a small thin scarf around my neck.

Once outside, I felt so much lighter and started running right away.  That generated the heat to get me going.  I felt really good.  That time of 6 10 minute miles is the best I have ever done.  Who knows, I may be a runner yet.  I walked most of the last half mile back to house to cool down.  It’s been about an hour and my face is still red.

Thanks to everyone who gives such encouragement to people like me.  Also, someday I am going to be like the people who have blogs like “be a runner” “lost100pounds” or “fit chick in the city.”  I want running to be a regular part of my daily life as it is theirs.  Wow, I am really starting to feel I’m almost ready for that half marathon.

One comment on “Hallelujah! I Ran 6 10 Minute Miles – I Feel Good!

  1. I think you have me mixed up with testingtruechange. I comment a lot on his site so I think you got us mixed up.

    He is the runner not me. I wish I was in good enough shape to do that. 😀

    Congrats though on the hard work! Keep it up.

    The Grumpy Man

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