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During a cold spell with snow on the ground, I watched a man from my warm cozy car, run up hill on a busy highway shoulder.  I thought to myself, that is committment. 

I have been tested with obstacles through-out the last couple of months and on a couple of occasions almost gave up.  Feeling as I do with the pain in my back and fatigue, I knew it’s either go to the gym this morning or go backwards which I can’t afford to do at this point.  After I threwdown the 9 vitamins and supplements that I take each morning with a cup of coffee and protein bar, I went for it. 

I walked 2 miles at a pace between 3.5 and 3.9 mph.  Not my normal pace but I did this to keep heart rate below 149 which because of the pleuresy, I felt I’d better do.  So no running.  Normally my heart rate stays around there when I run or up a little but today was different.  After I finished that I went to the nautilus equipt for my legs and then finished with 2 slow laps around track.  When I left heart rate was 117 and blood pressure 135/80. 

I know that this is pushing it, but if I don’t keep moving I will lose what I’ve built up to and can’t afford that now @ 5 weeks out.  It hurt a little but I’m also on a medrol pack and anti biotic so I think that is helping quite a bit.  Enough about that –

In my last post I added the link to the Course that More Magazine just release for the race.  I was thrilled to see it is the same as last years.  Oh and I lost two more pounds too which now brings  me to 7 pounds lost.  I hope that continues.  It’s about time.  If I could lose close to 20 before the race I will be flying.

I’m off to St. Louis for the day.  Have a great one.

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