Todays Fresh Mix of Mash

Last week, I bought a copy of Jillian Michael’s book, “Master Your Metabolism.”  It’s about identifying and correcting hormone imbalance so your body’s metabolism functions at peak efficiency.  Did you know, that diabetes causes you to gain weight in the abdominal area?  Also, that is a sign that you have too much insulin in your system.  Abdominal obesity – for women abs that measure more than 35 inches.  I have done a lot of reading over the years but that’s the first time I’ve ever read that.  I think this book may be onto something.

I used to be able to lose weight fairly easily, but the last few years, all I can do is put it on and not take it off.

It’s been 2 weeks since the half marathon in KC…so recovery is over.  I have walked and run a little during that period but not a lot.  I’ve dropped about 6 pounds too.  It’s not hard to be motivated to exercise with the beautiful weather we’ve been having.  I love seeing the shapes of the Sycamore trees they stand out due to their white bark.  They are like living art along with the colored background of all the other trees.

I am continuing my exercise regimen and hope to overcome whatever the issue is with my metabolism so I can lose the extra 20 pounds.  Jillian Michael’s may be my “wing girl” as I go through these motions.

I am getting a lot done this weekend.  Many things that I had to let go while my training increased for the race.  I’m finishing some things up today along with some more cooking.  Yesterday I made some Beef Enchiladas, Spicey Tuna Cakes and 2 loaves of bread.  Today, I’m making Alex’s Chimichanga‘s, chicken salad and celery/carrot sticks.

Also, I have patiently waited 2 months for my highlight to grow out.  If you recall, 2 months ago a well-intentioned hair dresser gave me darker hair than what I was used to or preferred.

I had it lightened as much as possible, but had to settle for a different level of blond than my usual.



This is what I’ve been waiting to get back to and can’t wait to even make the appt this week.  I know that hair is pretty frivolous when weighed against World current events, economy, etc.  However, I more handily deal with that and other things when my hair is the best it can be.  Me and Samson, it’s all about the hair.  No wonder I didn’t finish under 3 hours in KC!  It was the hair.

Who’s up for a quick trip to NYC in April???  The  More/fitness Magazine’s Half Marathon is April 15th in 2012.  We could raise a lot of money for PRC‘s,  go to a fabulous health expo and pre-race dinner.  Get our hair done at my favorite salon – Jean Claude Biguine on Avenue of the Americas and run with some incredible women through the best park in the U.S.  What could be better?

Where is your favorite travel destination??

Hello NYC!

Wow! What a great couple of days.  The hotel I chose is the best too.  It was a lot more reasonable than usual place I stay and I have to tell you, I love it and will not stay anywhere else when I come back to NYC.  It would take this entire post to go into all the specifics about it, but between the “Sleep Menu,” the roominess, the balcony, microwave, frig with ICE MAKER.  Any marathoners coming to NYC, make note of the ice maker.  Also, the front desk told me after half marathon is over Sunday and I’m back in the room, to call them and they will bring up “buckets” of ice for me.  All this and more for an impressive 30 – 40% cheaper than NY Hilton, The Westin, etc.  Even the location isn’t bad.  This half marathon is in Central Park and it’s a 1.5 mile walk to the start of race.  That will be my warm up.  Note the rooms at the top of the towering hotel, my room wasn’t ready so the very nice desk clerk gave me this room which is one of the upper floors where the building narrows and it is awesome!

Last nights dinner was at a place called Papillon, Jim, Alex and I have enjoyed many meals there.  It was wonderful. 

As I’ve said before, if you know me, you know I love getting my hair done.  I love visiting the Jean Claude Biguine Salon at 1170 Avenue of the Americas.  They are the best!  Adele is from France and is one of their colorists.  She was such a pleasure to visit with too.  Then Olga who I saw on my last trip gave me another stunning cut and Jeanie helped out with shampoo and gave me some good tips for Alex regarding film school.  The first time I visited the salon was in 2006 – my first trip to NYC.  After that I’ve been hooked ever since…and girls, just as before, I love  how it turned out. 

 Today was the health expo and here I am below getting my race number.  Last year I remember I got kind of choked up when I went in to get it.  This year it wasn’t quite as momentus.  Still pretty cool though.  I moved up about 1200 runners from 9303 to 8127.  Not bad but still pretty far back of the pack – over 10,000 registered.  I got a higher number since my pace has improved. 

The health expo is great.  They offer a lot of information and vendors are there too.  You walk away with a lot of stuff.  I walked there from my hair appt and then back to the hotel.  Round trip was probably 3.5 miles.  The day started out though at 4:00 am – that’s when my alarm went off to get ready and be at the NBC Today Show broadcast at 6:45.  I met up with the More Magazine staff there and they were all really nice.  There were a lot of other runners there also.  One group that was in front of me was from Canada.  Another, from Ohio.  I was holding my umbrella, a thunder stick and this sign that I made with a “Swiffer” handle.  I printed pages out before I left home and taped to file folder. 

The More staff were really great to talk with and so accommodating.  I chatted with them about living and working in NYC.  I hope to maybe talk with them again at the Runners Dinner tomorrow night.  They were pretty busy at the health expo and I think the largest part of the runners are going to be at tomorrows expo.  I don’t know if they showed us on Today show or not, but going back tomorrow morning also.  The More Marathon group are holding the “Thunder Stick” – long narrow neon green balloons.   

There is so much to talk about – so much has happened and continues to unroll.  I also slept like a rock with all of my specially ordered pillows from the Benjamin’s “Sleep Menu.”  Check it out.  After the race maybe Monday, I will have a couple of wonderful glasses of wine on my balcony hopefully thinking about the great race I ran…  Last years experience was truly one that ranks up there with my biggest life moments.  This years won’t be quite like that but it’s still pretty special to be able to have the opportunity to do this.  It takes a lot of time preparing, training, etc.  and I can’t thank my family enough for all of their wonderful support but most importantly to Jim and Alex who never complained and always had words of encouragement for me. 

This has been a wonderful trip and another great life experience.  Now onto the “Runners Dinner” tomorrow night, then…the race.