How to Rock 2018

How to Rock 2018

I just came back from a three year exercise/diet  hiatus.  I won’t bore you with the details as to why, but I’m older and heavier which makes it harder to get back into an exercise routine.  I started running because I wanted to run a half marathon before I turned 50.  Since then I’ve finished six half’s and one full marathon.  My last race was in the fall of 2013.

So this is going to be my comeback.

Scenic Road In A Forest

I’ve signed on to Noom to help with a diet to lose the weight and get an exercise plan.  Also pulling up some good recipes and plans from past.

Maybe a little too ambitious but I’m signing up for the Shape Half Marathon in New York’s Central Park on April 14.    #WomenRunTheWorld #BigMotivation

So here’s my plan:

Stay Hydrated…

  • 64 ounces of water each day.



  • 1200 calorie diet – low sugar, salt and fat from all food groups.
  • Enlisted help of Noom.
  • Follow 6 small meals each day.
  • Cook everything on  weekend and prepare lunches for the week.



  • Start off with 3 mile walks and some core strengthening exercises.
  • Build up to light jogs.
  • Increase strength training and intensity over time.
  • Warm up and cool down.
  • Stretching

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  • Create a video in my  mind of what it will be like to be fit again.
  • Get great music on tap to listen to during such.

There’s more to the plan but this is just to get me started.


Rocktober is for Running

October (Rocktober) is the most popular month for half marathons.

According to Running USA:

  • October hosted the most U.S. half-marathons (288), while January had the least (83) in 2013.
  • October 2013 produced the most 13.1 mile finishers with more than 312,000 and July the least finishers with just under 53,000.

Average Age 

Females     35.6
Males:         38.6

Median Times for U.S. Half-Marathon Finishers

Males:          2:01:37
Females      2:19:48

Year Estimated U.S. Half-Marathon Finisher Total
1990 303,000
1995 420,000
2000 482,000
2004 612,000
2005 658,000
2006 724,000
2007 796,000
2008 900,000
2009 1,113,000
2010 1,385,000
2011 1,610,000
2012 1,850,000
2013 1,960,000  (new high)

Do you have what it takes???


woman walking towards unknown places

Cheers to awesome scenery along the way…

photo 1 (1)

photo 3

photo (2)

photo (5)

photo (7)

Cheers to the wildlife that accompanies us along the way…

Enjoy the fall but by all means…give it your all!  Pass it on!

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