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Sunday morning I woke up after a full night of dreams.  Some made no sense.  The last one stuck with me ever since. 

The setting:  I was in the parking lot of my office.  There is a wooded area behind it.  The dream was centered there.  I’m talking to three co-workers in the parking lot.  They are looking at something else in opposte direction and I turn around to see a beautiful white lion come out of a cave in the woods and snow is everywhere.  So it’s a white lion with snow backdrop. 

As it turns to go back into the cave I ask the other two if they saw it.  One facetiously responded -yes.  But I figure she really didn’t.  Then I walk around to the front of my office, and there in front of the door, lies Cypress, our Siberian Husky that was our pet (like family) for many years but died 6 years earlier.  I pick her up and put her in my car to protect her from the lion.  

Does this have any true meaning?

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