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I just got back from my morning walk.  Even though it’s 82 degrees, humidity was thick.  So when I arrived home – retired to my office, kicked off shoes and then turned the ceiling fan on to the super-sonic vortex speed.


Made it to Church for 11:30 Mass.  Gave thanks for the rescue of the Thai soccer team.  Also, for the navy seal that gave his life for the effort.  What an amazing thing we witnessed.  So many lessons to take away from all of that…


  1.  Life is precious and do all you can to protect it.
  2. The courage and faith of the team’s coach was remarkable.  He is completely the ultimate definition of leader. He taught them meditation, put the boys health before his own with food rations, and led with integrity but also,  humility.  A self effacing leader which is the best kind.
  3. The boys faithfulness, graciousness, courage and gratitude.  They were the epitome of a true team.
  4. The navy seals and cave divers who did something so incredible in a cave with narrow passages, sharp rocks and in the face of the extreme danger of it all.  Running towards the crisis, to the extent one of them didn’t come out.  God bless them all.
  5. The 1,000 specialists gathered from around the world there to assist in the rescue.
  6. The parents who had to endure the long episode with tremendous worry and fear.  Some were hospitalized.
  7. Then the world who prayed for God to intervene, which he did.  Similar to how the seas were held back while Israelites escaped Pharaoh’s soldiers.
  8. Then once all were nearly out, the pumps broke allowing water to rush in with such force it would rip off the masks of the divers if they turn the wrong way. Had that happened while the boys were still in the cave, they wouldn’t have escaped.

Anything is possible through Christ, but we must do all that we can do first, before turning it over to Him.  The world united behind one cause, against all odds.  It was something that I know I won’t forget for a very long time.

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