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My Running Prayer List

Last week Jeff Graboskey was on EWTN talking about his run across America (from California to NY).  He has a book – Running with God Across America.  I just ordered it.  Here is a picture I downloaded of the book from my site.

Many days he averaged 60 miles before the sun set.  Whoa!  That is over 2 marathons each day.  I was so inspired by his story.  His Mother had just passed away, his wife left him and he had a collapsed lung all just before taking off on this cross country journey.  Those were the events that actually caused him to make such a trek.

He said that people came up to him through out the run and those that had the least, gave the most.  Many asked him to pray for them and they prayed for him as well.

As a LIFE Runner, praying is part of our ministry while we run.

I know someone that is in the depths of despair.  I offer them support and comfort when I can.  But the most powerful thing I think I can do for them, is continue to offer up my training and pray for them along with the others on my list.

The list is long.  I sometimes don’t get all the names stated but if I get to a point that I can’t come up with the rest or am in a part of the run that requires more than I have to give, I just simply say, and for everyone else on my list.

I would like to be more like Jeff.  He started out on that journey with out taking much with him- no extra planning, lists, etc. – leaving it all up to God with no worries.  I look forward to reading Jeff’s book.

Here’s my running prayer list.

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