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Going the Distance…Daily

I’m finishing my third week on diet and exercise plan.  All still going strong.  I’ve lost 6 pounds (all from fat too – not lean tissue) and several inches.  So glad.  I already see a difference in my running, breathing, etc.  Feels great.

My job causes me to travel a lot and I attend many events/banquets.  Yesterday was another one.  The lunch was a chicken breast stuffed with a lot of things not on the diet.  Then covered with Phylo dough and resting on a bed of mixed salad greens that had dried cranberries and nuts added.  I had called ahead and requested plain chicken breast without the embellishments, but didn’t happen.  So,  while I love all the extras, I scraped all from such and just ate the chicken and the salad.  It took so long to do so and carry on conversations around me with those I needed to engage, that I didn’t get to finish it before the program started.  Not good.

I struggle with a blood sugar issue and the biggest challenge to such is when I’m working out of town.  This diet is a strict 1200 calories and I try to be consistent with what I eat when (every 3 hours).  I am not sure but may have only eaten 1 ounce of chicken when should have had 3 and didn’t get enough salad (carbs).

After the luncheon I had a meeting that ran long.  So I went more than 3 hours without anything.  Therefore my blood sugar dropped.  After leaving the meeting I was really shaky and extremely tired – kind of like a fog.  Also had some nausea and a headache.  When I left, I drove to the nearest McDonald’s – ordered a grilled chicken sandwich with nothing on it, a bottle of water and a diet coke.  Then ate the sandwich (3 ounces of chicken) with only half the bun.  The diet coke was to get some caffeine for my 2.5 hour drive home.  Following the chicken sandwich, I also ate a protein bar.  Within a short amount of time I felt better and headed home – drank a couple of bottles of water too.   I keep a protein bar in my purse but didn’t want to eat in front of the others in the meeting.  Bottom line…each day is about going the distance.  Tomorrow is another race – to get it all in.

Last night Alex picked the cherries off our new tree that had ripened.  I ate a cup full as one of my 2 servings of fruit I’m to have each day.  They were great.  Sorry about the seeds in the corner – started in on them before I took the picture – I didn’t eat all of these – there are still some left for today too.  Jim and Alex aren’t that crazy about them – so I don’t have to share.   🙂

Today‘s Harvest from My Cherry Tree

There is a tree on my way home that always stands out among the others along the highway.  I mentioned it in a post back in November.

Photo Taken November 2011

Here it is in May.  Beautiful!

Favorite Tree “Welcoming Me Back from Another Trip to KC”
Photo Taken May 2012

Tonight I need to run again.  Didn’t do so last night after getting home – too tired.

Here’s your morning dose of inspiration and make today count.

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