Today’s Go! St. Louis Race Stormy Forecast Not Stopping LIFE Runners

LIFE Runners in the St. Louis Region are running in today’s Go! St. Louis Half Marathon.  It’s a training event for the fall St. Louis Rock and Roll Marathon which is the LIFE Runners official annual race event.  Traveling  from more than 20 states, the 25 chapter/250+ member organization will descend on St. Louis the day before the race to partake in the LIFE Runner pre-race activities.  Last years event raised $35,000 for pregnant women in need.  This year is expected to double that amount.

The weather is pretty threatening – more than 100 tornadoes were spotted yesterday through out mid-west.  Today that weather is moving into the St. Louis area.


The race begins in an hour and should be finished by the time the bad weather hits.  LIFE Runners are there in force and planning to see the race through.  I am going to run with them here – I will begin 30 minutes before their start.  So we will be running at the same time.  I don’t plan to go 13 miles though – 7 for me today – sunrise is at  (approx) 6:30 am.  That is when I’ll start.  I hear the birds outside so that’s my cue to hit it…Good luck to my team mates – especially those that are running their first half marathon today.




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