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The Morning After Review and Prayers

While I am a little stiff/sore, not enough to complain about.  I did a lot of stretching after my 11 miles yesterday.  As I was trying to run the last couple of miles yesterday, my feet hurt and legs were tired.  So glad when I reached the top of the steep hill that preceded the end of the run on the Runge Nature Center trail.  Early on, I felt really strong and the pain in my knees I felt the last week from the pavement, was gone.  In fact, usually during mile 2 I feel pain in lower legs that passes during mile 3…that wasn’t there either.  Also, running up hills and really digging in actually felt good (except at the very end because of fatigue) – using and stretching hamstrings, calves and glutes.

Further along on the run, I passed a lot of walkers – also I tried to run on the asphalted pavement as much as possible instead of the concrete sidewalk (facing oncoming cars).  One of the walkers that was coming towards me, actually put his arms in the air and cheered me on.  I reciprocated with similar arm gesture, too tired to yell anything though – that was mile 4.  Then as I passed by Missouri River Bridge on Main St., (stayed close to wall – fear of heights) did a fast walk.  Began running again at mile 5 to Missouri Blvd which was the turn around.  Mile 7, ran into qiuck shop and bought another bottle of water.  Mile 8 I ran the trail at Memorial Park – slow jog actually and dodged all the acorns on such from the squirrels.  From here on it was a bit of a struggle.  Legs were really tired and feet sore.  I ate some more of my energy beans to boost the glycogen levels for energy.  As soon as I hit the soft bark on the trail, I began running harder till the steeper hills which I walked half way up.  The last one was the toughest because of overall fatigue. However, I dug in and pushed through it using those other muscles and made it in good time.

I spent about 15 minutes in a shaded area doing stretches and then headed home.  Tomorrow, I’ll run 5 miles.  Today, I rest (as far as training goes anyway).

A Prayerful Offering

I use my time running – mostly in the early phase, when I’m most coherent, for prayer.  The pain, soreness and fatigue I experienced yesterday and today was offered up for a family I know that is facing a crisis and has been victimized by some misguided individuals, in addition to my usual intentions for the unborn.  I don’t usually make my prayer intentions known in my blog, but today some significant things will be occuring for that family.  I’m asking everyone who reads this, especially my team mates, to say a prayer for them today.

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