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Six Miles and Food for the Soul!

This day began early at 4:30 am.  After coffee, protein bar, vitamins, etc., it was off to the gym.  Was shooting for 5 miles and decided to go for 6.  My face was fire engine red when finished that on the hotel treadmill.  Showered, packed and out the door to a donor call 30 minutes away.  Had a great visit…took care of some other business, then drove home.  Jim and I went to dinner at a local Japanese steak house with a Hibachi grill.  We sat with a great group of people.  Laughed so hard at the antics of our chef.

When we finished one of the 4 women sitting off to our left got up from the table and asked if  I remembered her.  She said I did so much for her and her boys (Adam and Aaron).

It was a blessing from heaven.

She was someone I knew about 7-8 years ago when I helped manage a food pantry that had a free medical and dental clinic.  She and her family were clients back then.  Her kids volunteered at the Center and she was facing struggles of being a single Mom who was out of work because of an accident.  That coupled with a  landlord who wanted to evict her. Her boys volunteered for the Center from 8 to 5 all summer long and then after school through the rest of the year.   We loved them to death.  They were a great family and everyone at the Center had adopted them.  She is one of the many success stories from the Center.  More than that though, her boys have grown into wonderful young men.  After a lot of hugs, she and I had, we went our separate ways.  We will meet again though.  Wow….how’s that for a day in the life…and I thought the 6 miles was a big deal today.

One comment on “Six Miles and Food for the Soul!

  1. Mary Jo Hitz says:

    Great story, Anne!

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