No Knee-d for Surgery

How good is that?  As runners get older one of the worries is – when are the joints going to wear out?  Thought this might be my warning sign, yet then – find out that this isn’t the case.  I get second chance. At 53 I probably look ridiculous trying to run half marathon.   May God give me strength and ability to run till I die.  Thanks to my family and fiends for awesome support.  It’s how I deal with stress and daily grind.  I didn’t run much this last year because of Jim’s stokes.  But I won’t give up.  That’s me at my best.    

  I run to live and for life.  Why do you run?  Tell me about it…in the mean time watch this cool video. How good is that?

Knee-d Attention 

As usual, as I got going with my running, I had some knee pain. what was different this time was even though I wasn’t running the knee pain continued to get worse.  So I went to the doctor yesterday  

 and I had an MRI today – get results tomorrow.   

 The doctor said his goal is to help me be able to run the  half marathon in November.  Takin’ it all in stride.

Running Recipes…tell Me Yours

I love to cook especially if the recipe is a healthy one.  I have a stand by recipe of stir fried vegetables – onions, red and green bell peppers cut up along with chopped chicken breast stirring in taco seasoning.  I discovered if you boil and then shred the chicken breast, then add it to that mixture it is absolutely wonderful.  Can’t get enough of it.  This can go on a warm tortilla or on top of a salad.  

I also have to say that I love all of the Sabra flavors of Hummus with tortilla chips.  Grilling anything coupled with blanched asparagus 

and salad in a jar is outstanding.

What are your facorite recipes?

sometimes don’t have the time.  I’m always looking for new recipes or how to improve on the old.

The Women of the Ukraine

11902251_10152892465711792_3133825135594372513_nTomorrow is a 3 mile run.  My right knee hurts still and have been hitting Naproxin to help with such.  Apparently knee pain is common when starting out again.  Will chalk it up to that.

Met with someone from the Ukraine today at Vitae.  Man it was hard hearing what he said life was like there…especially for women.  I am so thankful that those issues are not the same here.  Over there, life is so hard, the expectancy for women is age 58.  Also, to survive they must marry young – they also divorce very young too.   Because abortion is their form of contraception, most women have between 12 and 15 abortions in their lifetime.  The conditions according to Slavik are “barbaric.”   He said even though socialized medicine, doctors are paid through bribes.

Thankful for the U.S.A.  Pray for the women of the Ukraine they suffer a lot.  Maybe my knee pain isn’t a big deal after all.

Don’t Fear The Rain – Run Anyway

It’s 7 am and can’t go to the trail due to overnight storms and some yet to hit. If I wasn’t sure, the weather alert alarm going off in the car from phone app was evidence enough.   Very loud.  the trail is easier on joints but heading to the street instead.  
So I headed to Capital to run the 5 miles round trip to Memorial Park and back.

I did okay for 3 miles then knees really began hurting.  I ended up walking last 2 miles. It’s okay – this is me starting out.   I remembered lessons from past…

1.  Over-use pain comes when not used to mileage.

2.  Didn’t stretch after last two runs this week which could mean IT band issues.

3.  I looked back and realized I’m way over due for new tennis shoes.  I bought these in Aug of 2013 when started training for Crazy Horse Half Marathon.  Lots of miles since.  After 300 need to get new.  Will do!

I did lots of stretching after today’s run, took ibuprofen, applied ice off and on and then went to store and even canned my first few jars of salsa.  Jim’s testing it now.

 Today was my first long run and I now have first week behind me.  Feels good.

First Week Is Exhausting

So I’ve had 4 training runs and at the end of those days, I’ve been totally exhausted – including tonight.  When I run – to get deeper breath, I breathe 2 breaths in and then two breaths out at running pace.  It helps.  There are hills around my house so I try to run the hill and then walk fast to catch breath.  My goal is to be running the full three miles through – including portion after hills by next week.  My long run Saturday is only 5 miles.  So that’s good too.  Praying while running helps – today’s run offered up for family, team and pregnant women in need.  Working to catch up to this gal in photo from 2013.  😀730078-1090-0040s


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